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Bottegaceleste - Made in Volcano Etna


Bottegaceleste is an artisan goldsmith brand created by the young goldsmith Laura Ingiulla.
With a diploma in Dramatic Art from the National Institute of Ancient Drama in Syracuse, he moved to Milan where he alternates theater work with a passion for craftsmanship. He attended a stage jewelry workshop and began to make his first artifacts,
but feeling the need to deepen and acquire more skills, he began a course of study first in Milan, attending the "SOA - Ambrosian goldsmith school" and then the "Techniques Goldsmiths and Jewelery Design ”at" Harim -Accademia Euromediterranea " .

He also perfected his interest in the study of fashion photography at the "John Kaverdash School" in Milan.

It is September 2016 when Laura decides to set up her own and begins studying female entrepreneurship, a long path that leads her, in the spring of 2019,   to present his project to launch the “Bottegaceleste” brand.




Bottegaceleste was born as a project to tell and make "wear" the history and nature of the territory on the slopes of Etna, elements from which Laura draws inspiration to create her collections and where the goldsmith's workshop is based:


both to remember the history of this place and because it recalls the mythological narration of the god Hephaestus who forged his works inside the Etna volcano.


The idea and design of one of the main collections of the Brand is "Drachma-Since 776 BC" in 925 silver or gold-like brass, it was born and realized on the basis of historical research of the jewels of that era, consulting archaeologists

and traveling in the land of the Peloponnese in search of Greek artifacts in the Archaic and Hellenistic style, periods in which some of the Greek colonies dominated the slopes of Etna.


The name Bottegaceleste derives from Laura's second name which is Celeste, a name that is handed down in her family

from generation to generation.

Discover the most recent articles that tell the birth of the brand

Bottegaceleste- Made in Volcano Etna of its design and project

of revaluation of the slopes of Etna!

We work with art to bring to light one of the most beautiful territories in Italy

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